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Default HHC Member Breeders

Membership Categories

On Hedgehog Central Forums, there are a couple of restricted membership categories: Rescue, Breeder and Master Breeder. Membership to these restricted categories is granted only by the forum administrators. If you would like to apply for one of these restricted titles, please check the qualifications listed below and contact a forum administrator.

RESCUE (Red Lettering)
The rescue title is restricted to members who are either International Hedgehog Association (IHA) or Hedgehog Welfare Society (HWS) approved rescue stations. Members of this category do not need to be active members of the forum.

BREEDER (Green Lettering)
The Breeder title is a breeder with experience of 5 or more litters and has been an active and continuing participant of HHC for at least 3 months. Members of this category agree to abide by the IHA’s Breeder Code of Ethics and register and promote the use of the International Hedgehog Registry.

MASTER BREEDER (Blue Lettering)
The Master Breeder title is someone we consider to be a mentor. Qualification for this title is at the discretion of the forum administrators. A typical master breeder demonstrates many of the following qualities: The breeder has 5 or more years of demonstrated proof of breeding (either current or in the past). They are well known in the hedgehog community and are actively helping new breeders. They follow and promote the IHA's Breeder Code of Ethics and register and promote the use of the International Hedgehog Registry. They are also an active participant of the forum.

The Hedgehog Central forum administrators reserve the right to modify the above qualifications and the right to deny or revoke a restricted title to any member at their discretion.
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