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HedgieIsabella 12-03-2008 05:25 PM

i Just got a new male hedgie,. and i'm trying to breed Isabella, shes about 3 yrs and he's about 1 1/2,
what should i do?
they've been in the same cage for two nights , now can i tell if the breeding was successful?
is she does get pregnant, .do i take her away from the male until she has babies?
also Spike (the male) is EXTREMELY aggressive,. he will bite on to me, and won't let go, then he'll grind his teeth, it hurts beyond belief, is this normal,? or could he be quilling? i'm terrified to pick him up

Gnarly 12-03-2008 05:45 PM

Re: breeding?
Take her out of the cage immediately! and hopefully she is not pregnant.

Female hedgehogs should not be breed for the first time if they are over one year of age, it can cause serious complications that can result in the death of the hedgehog

ETA: The male does not sound like he has a stellar personality, but with some work he might make a nice pet. Hedgehogs should be chosen to breed only if they have cleans lines, and then temperament should be taken into account.

I also wanted to add, if you do not know the answers to the questions you've asked, you should not be breeding right now.

Hedgiepets 12-03-2008 07:47 PM

Re: breeding?
If the female has not previously had babies, you are risking her life to be breeding her at the age of 3. Please do research before you plan to do anymore breeding. Anyone thinking about breeding should own hedgehogs for at least 1 yr before they consider breeding them.

HedgieIsabella 12-03-2008 08:02 PM

Re: breeding?
allright,. thank you
is is guaranteed that she will breed if he is in there, ?
i would rather keep them together, but if she will breed then i will take her out

PixiesExoticHedgies 12-03-2008 08:17 PM

Re: breeding?
Of course they will breed. But obviously you have not done much research on breeding, and thus you have already put your female at high risk for serious complications.

:arrow: boys/girls .... bird/bees ....

Gnarly 12-03-2008 08:23 PM

Re: breeding?
Yes, they will breed if kept together, you will need to take her out immediately, to prevent further risk to her life.

LizardGirl 12-03-2008 08:23 PM

Re: breeding?
You definitely need to separate them into their separate cages, and hope the female isn't pregnant. Even if she conceives, her pelvic bone has probably fused and the babies won't be able to be born, which will kill the mother.

Please, please, if you are going to breed, research and make sure you know what you are doing. Then, get a pair of healthy, well temperamented (one that won't bite! that is not good) and pedigreed hedgies. And a mentor! You want someone you can ask for help in case of emergency and for any extra advice.

Good luck! :(

LizardGirl 12-03-2008 08:25 PM

Re: breeding?
Also, make sure your vet is prepared to do any emergency procedures in case she is pregnant, and has complications. Also make sure you have the funding for it. Emergency vets can be *very* expensive...

HedgieIsabella 12-03-2008 10:09 PM

Re: breeding?
allright, thank you
i have done extensive research but none of the sites i was on mentioned anything about age at all.
I'm sorry if i offended/scared any of you,. it wasn't my intention
I'm 100% sure she isn't pregnant, she hides under her blankie because shes a bit skiddish, but i figured it wouldn't hurt because shes lived with a male hedgehog in the same cage since she was born (so i was told) and i thought it wouldn't hurt if she had a friend (or a boyfriend) or even had babies,
she's out now but is supervised play time okay (I'm sure she won't play though) or should they be separate at all times?
thank you :)

Gnarly 12-03-2008 10:17 PM

Re: breeding?
The amount of research you did was questioned because you asked very basic questions, not limited to age.

There is no way to be 100% positive she's not pregnant, if she spent two nights with a male, until 55 days after her last encounter with the male. A normal gestation is about 35 days, but the 55 days is a buffer, to be positive babies are not cooking extra long in the oven. So for the next 55 days I would suggest you watch her very carefully, even if you are doubtful of conception, because at her age this is a VERY high risk potential pregnancy. If you are watching her carefully, and assuming she is pregnant, hopefully you can catch any emergencies if they arise.

She should never be in the same place as your male, not even for playtime. It only takes a few seconds for a hedgehog to mate. Like you said, she probably won't even play, so it's not like she will gain anything from being out with your boy.

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