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jane48 06-11-2010 10:02 AM

help with a new hedgie mum
Hi our hedgehog has babies well we know she had one as it was outside the nest but crawled back into the nest without us touching it luckily, we have not heard any squeeking for about 5 days now, what should we do mum has turned the entrance to the nest round to the back of the cage so there is no chance that we can peek in, she had the baby 2 weeks and 3 days ago she is fine with us putting in the food and water but i dont really want to move the nest the cage is quite smelly could the baby be dead or is it normal not to hear noises, should we just leave her for another week? We dont want to upset her but are concerned about the baby

Puffers315 06-11-2010 10:56 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum

This article covers the basics. You've said its been over two weeks, so it should be alright to try and get a look into the nest to see if any of the babies survived. I'll warn though as that thread says, you know the babies are alive by the chirping and squeaks, not knowing how long you are in the room with them, it could be possible you're just not around when they are awake and active, or that its come to the grim conclusion. But being its been two weeks, I'd take a look, and keep us updated.

Nancy 06-11-2010 11:08 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
If mom is taking good care of the baby, you won't hear much squeaking and unless you are around all the time, you might not hear a thing.

What does it smell like? Dead is just about impossible to miss. It could be just a dirty cage smell.

At 17 days, you can take a peak in the nest and start handling babies. If mom comes out to eat or get a treat, take a look. Start slow by only having a peak at first. The next night, pick up baby for a few seconds. If mom is okay, then increase the time you hold the baby.

Good luck. I hope the wee one is okay and mom is just being a good mom and keeping him/her well fed.

jane48 06-12-2010 02:16 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
thanks for the replys we had a look last night when mum came out and we think there are 5 babies, thanks for the advice i think we will see how mum is tonight and maybe try picking one up, they all looked healthy from what we could see eyes are not open yet, will keep you updated x

jane48 06-12-2010 05:15 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
Just had another look there is 5 babies, i picked one of them up, its eyes were open some of the others didnt seem to have theirs open but mum did not seem too happy she ran back into the nest and just stared at us through the plastic hope she is going to be ok.
It was so exciting cant believe there is 5, not sure what colour you would call them i will try and put some pics on and then hopefully someone can help, they all look the same colour and are quiet dark..:)

Puffers315 06-12-2010 06:08 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
Awesome, sounds like everyone is doing fine. And Mum is just being protective over the kids, depending on her personality before this, she may or may not get use to you touching them. As said, got crap knowledge on how to handle babies, but I'd say wait another 24 hours and then handle the babies again for just a little more time. You keep doing this and Mum will slowly get use to you handling them. As long as she doesn't (god forbid) eat one, she's doing good. Sounds like she's doing good, taking care of them and playing the mom role well. Congratz.

jane48 06-12-2010 07:49 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
1 Attachment(s)
[attachment=0:1f6llkan]hedgehog 4.jpg[/attachment:1f6llkan]

Amy1024 06-12-2010 07:52 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
Aww the baby is so cute, congratz and good luck! :)

tie-dye hedgie 06-12-2010 08:13 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
Aw, it's adorable and I bet they all are! :D

Sela 06-12-2010 08:47 PM

Re: help with a new hedgie mum
I could get diabetes looking at that picture because that baby is just too sweet!

<< Seriously I wanna tickle its little nosey. What is it with baby hedgies - actually, just hedgies in general - and being so cute?

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