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alexandracrash 02-05-2012 05:55 AM

Abnormal litter.
About in August my hedgie had a litter of four healthy babies, she rejected one at 3 weeks and I hand raised him. She recently had a little about 2-3 days ago, and when I first checked up on her, I saw a couple babies and they were tiny!!! About half the size of the previous litter! So far I have found 2 babies dead/ half eaten. Could there be something wrong with them? I'm not sure how many she has at the moment and I don't want to check in case of stressing her... Help ?

connorshogs 02-05-2012 10:05 AM

Re: Abnormal litter.
Do you have lineage? Some are just not ment to be mommys. Could be a million things. Something wrong with babies bad mom stress to name a few

JustOnePost 02-05-2012 10:28 AM

Re: Abnormal litter.
You did not allow her enough time before getting her pregnant again is another reason if she had a litter in August of 2011 six weeks would be late October or early November depending on when in August and that means your mom was knocked up again without any recovery time and that probably is a good reason to the tiny babies and her eating some of them. Hedgehogs for their health and safety of breeding need 6 months recovery time to reduce stress and allow their bodies to re cooperate from the stress they dealt with from raising their younglings.

connorshogs 02-05-2012 11:31 AM

Re: Abnormal litter.
Wait time is 6 mnths from time of birth or 4 from wean I would bet that has nothing to do with it. Your not super far off. Some breeders do back to back 2 or 3 times then give a yr brake I Snyder agree with it but they do it. Was she bred to same male

alexandracrash 02-05-2012 04:27 PM

Re: Abnormal litter.
Well she had about a week and 6months before she had the second litter, I'm just really wanna know why these babies are so so small when the last were perfectly healthy...

connorshogs 02-05-2012 09:00 PM

Re: Abnormal litter.
Sometimes it happens. Sane or different dad?

alexandracrash 02-18-2012 01:53 AM

Re: Abnormal litter.
Yea same dad, maybe they were just unhealthy, cuz she killed at least 2

HappyHedgies 02-19-2012 01:36 AM

Re: Abnormal litter.
Do you have there linage on hand? Where did you get your hedgehogs from?? If you don't have information on there backgrounds please do not breed her again. Its really dangerous to breed hedgehogs without proper linage because this can give rise to a lot of health issues in the hoglets and you could easily be inbreeding especially if you got them from the same area. I know lots of people that give there females about a 3-4 month break and I haven't herd of anything like this because of a shorter recovery time time unless she is continuously being bred without a break. How many hoglets were in the litter? If she had a larger number then last time that could be a reason why they are smaller then the last babies. One of our girls was quite large, we thought she was going to have a large litter but she only had two babies but they were huge! Litters come in all different sizes.

She also could of killed them because they may have something internally wrong with them. Even if they looked normal on the outside they could of had a birth defect that wasn't visible.

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