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Kaleya 10-12-2015 01:59 PM

Female won't breed after first time??
I have three hedgehogs two males and a female. I have pedigree for each one to ensure healthy babies. Anyway, we bred our female with one male, she was okay during the whole thing until afterwards she starting hissing and huffing at him every time he went near her. This was her first time with a male, so obviously she bled a bit and there was a huge puddle of his stuff on the floor mixed with her blood so I don't think much ended up inside her. Every time we try to put those two together again, she runs away from him hissing and huffing at him. So we put her with the other male and she loved him. Went up to him cuddled with him to sleep and didn't hiss or huff at him once. They got together and immediately after she was crabby and huffy towards him. That was last night, today she seems better with him isn't huffing and hissing as much, but does anyone know why she gets like this? She still hates the first male.

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