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hi, i had my girl (2 and a half years old) now for a while now but not long after i had got her she started having blood in her urine, we went to the vet and they gave me anti-baotiques for a miner UTI and she was beter a couple of days after. But a couples of weeks later she bled again but right when i was going toi bring her (the next morning) she was fine, no blood in the urine at all, and again maybe 2 weeks afer she was bleeding again, but it was over the same day, she didint bled anytime after that but yesterday (10 pm)when i opened the cage to play whit them (i also have a male) they're was a LOT and a LOT of blood, and chunks of blood too, i cleaned her up and everything and again at 3am theyr was more blood, i cleaned her up again and now im paniking since i dont have the money to bring her back and forth to the vet, and this morning theyr was more blood again. i talk to the person who had her before but she didint give me any valuble infomation if even any. she's always kept at arround 22 degres celcius and has fresh water and food, she eat's and drinks no problem, she was very huffy ever since i got her and a bitter, but last night she seemed strangly more friendlyer (still a lot huffy thought) she dosint wable r fals on the ground, eccept for the bleeding she is great, but the bleeding is horrifying, help!
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