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Hi and welcome to HHC. I have my hedgehogs for 3.5 months. I switched from paper bedding to liners about a month or so ago and I love them. Everything is much cleaner and I save them up in a garbage bag until I have a full load to wash.

You didn't ask but I was taught here at HHC to wash the liners in Tide Free Unscented detergent and use a unscented fabric softener. I am using Bounce unscented fabric softener sheet in the dryer. Everything comes out nice and clean. I wash on the warm cycle, not hot and dry on permanent press.

I cut the liners to the size of the cage and use two one on top of the other with another smaller piece under the front of the wheel. I can flip eveything over to the clean side but the liners go for more than two days without being too soiled even if I don't flip them. I change the liners as needed and go a complete cage wipe once per week. I wash the wheels as needed. Once in a great while the wheels can go two days.

I also used smaller pieces of the fleece to stuff into the igloos to make them warm and cozy.

Let us know how it goes.
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