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Default Winston's First Vet Visit - dry skin!

So my little guy is nearly three months and I brought him in for a wellness and "meet the vet" check. He did so well! The vet checked his tummy, legs, teeth, ears, eyes, and everything was fine. She said she had never seen a friendlier hedgehog. Each time she went to check the next invasive thing she was worried he would ball up but I kept telling her I have never seen him even *try* to make a ball. I don't even know if he knows how! Haha

Anyways, the point of the post is that he is really healthy but his skin was so dry she thought he might have mites. She did a skin test and he is totally clean but his skin is apparently severely dry. It has actually gotten better since I've had him home, and he is quilling so I'm sure that doesn't help. However, she gave me some Omega 3 oil blend to put in his food. Anyone use this before? I put .05 ml (the tinest does ever, haha!) on some cooked ground turkey last night. Little guy ate it right up!

So any success/failures with the Omega 3 oils in food on the board? I could always try to find flax capsules instead but as he is SO dry I thought it might be better to get him to produce more oil instead of just putting it on him.
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