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Hegiegirl 08-24-2019 10:29 PM

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The breeder I got my girl from was a little confused on her colour. Her mom is an apricot and the dad is salt and pepper. Just want to know what she is

Ria 08-25-2019 02:39 AM

I think she might be an apricot like her mum is.

Spiky_Floof<3 08-26-2019 10:15 PM

Aaaaww. SO cute!!! What's her name?? I think she is a beautiful colour. Not sure if it matters what the specific name is haha

Aj.t 08-26-2019 11:02 PM

If her eyes are always red like in the third picture, she’d be an albino, but if that was just the flash, she’s most likely apricot.

Emc 08-27-2019 01:14 AM

I agree she looks apricot (and they have ruby-red eyes, so that factor alone doenst automatically make her albino); albino hogs are white, and she appears more yellow/orange-y and if my eyes arent deceiving me, I can also see banded quills (which will be completely absent on an albino hog who have zero pigmentation).

Aj.t 08-27-2019 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by Emc (Post 1077152)
I agree she looks apricot (and they have ruby-red eyes, so that factor alone doenst automatically make her albino)

that’s true, if she were albino her snout would be flush with the rest of her face. Def looks apricot

Emc 08-27-2019 02:14 AM

Apricot hogs (to my very little knowledge on hedgehog colors haha; I just find this stuff interesting!) also lack a mask like albino hedgehogs. They have the same appearance facial wise; no mask, and just a very pink/light muzzle.

The easiest way to tell them apart is just by the complete lack of pigmentation on an albino; because there are other hedgehog variations than albino who possess the red/ruby eye and lack of mask traits. &#x1f642;

Ria 08-27-2019 03:05 AM

An apricot has a slight mask like a very light mask, which is a veryyyyy light brown. Where Albion's don't appear to have a mask at all, because its like a pinky colour but lighter than the nose

And obviously the quills are different, although some lights can seem the same. The apricot has orangey/apricot quills and Albion's are totally white.

Also the paws, an apricot has slight colour in the paws. And Albion's have no colour in the paws.

They both have the red/ruby eyes
And both have pink noses though sometimes the apricots nose can be slightly darker in pink than the albino's.

Basically, albino's don't really have a pigment to them at all because they have no melanin pigment in eyes, skin and quills and apricots have more pigment because they have a bit more melanin pigment in their quills and skin but their eyes are the same.

Ria 08-27-2019 04:02 AM

Actually you know what I got confused the mask and nose is like the albino! Silly me.

But she has a darker mask and a darker nose than the apricot.
Her mask looks more like the champagne (darker than the apricot but still says the face is unmasked) also the nose is darker, its a pink with a liver outer rim where the apricot is just pink.

The quills are pretty similar in colour - apricot has white quills banded by pale orange and the champagne has white quills with 75% banded by pale orange-taupe, with the rest cinnamon

The rest - red eyes, pink shoulder skin, white bellies, is all the same.

I'm thinking more champagne because of the mask and nose.
Also in one the pictures some the quills look darker than the apricots.

Emc 08-27-2019 10:46 AM

Don't champagne hogs have some liver on their nose though?... I also think that the flash (combined with the lighting) is given her the appearance that she has a mask, because in the other photos she appears to lack one (to me at least haha); I just see the usual very scarcely furred hog snout, which coincides with Apricot.

I dont know anything about their being pigment in their paws (I'm probably blind haha; I see none in the little glimpse we have in this hogs pics), I just find it easiest to identify the albino based on well, their total lack of pigmentation haha.

I dont think champagne here, though - I do think apricot. But like I said; i possess zero expertise when it comes to identifying hog colours - I just think this hog matches apricot more than it does champagne. The pictures are in bad lighting too - perhaps OP if you could take some during the day with natural lighting, it'll be more helpful to get a good idea as to what she looks like!

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