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vasogoma 03-29-2019 06:19 PM

Possible cinnamon snowflake
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I see a lot of solid white quills and some others that are banded in what looks like cinnamon to me (or a little lighter than the cinnamons I have met in real life). So what do you think? He is only 2 months so I am expecting some color change as he grows but don't know how much it will be

Robinzen1 04-14-2019 03:42 AM

Sorry, I can't answer your question. I'm new to hedgehogs. Just wanted to say he's adorable! The whiter ones always catch my eye.

Ria 04-14-2019 05:07 AM

It will prob be easier to tell after quilling as you may get more cinnamon quills come through. I've never actually heard the colour cinnamon snowflake

Ria 04-14-2019 07:41 AM

I've been thinking he could either be cinnamon pinto or apricot pinto.

Emc 04-14-2019 03:07 PM

I actually think he might be brown?... But more facial photos will help. Apricots have red eyes or ruby eyes, to my understanding at least.

Agreed that he's snowflake; i don't think pinto. Pinto hedgehogs have patches of white quills, whereas snowflakes have white quills mixed in with banded. Some hedgehogs (like my own lovely Coco) can be pinto and snowflake, to make matters more confusing haha. I dont see any pinto patches, but I'm far from an expert on hedgehog colours/patterns!

Ria 04-14-2019 03:32 PM

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I found my colour chart to compare it to. I'm thinking brown, cinnamon or cinnicot. But its really hard to tell because you cant really see the face well. Enough to tell. Also its harder to tell colours before quilling as the quill colours can change a fair bit on the light hedgehogs - this is what I was told.

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