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DracoTheHedgehog 03-11-2019 08:17 PM

Please Help Identify Color
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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and would really love to learn as much as I can about hedgehogs.

This is my first hedgehog (Draco) whom I got yesterday, and I'd like to identify his color. So if any of you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated! :) Thank you.

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belties 03-11-2019 11:59 PM

I'm not good with all the color names . I was wondering if you had a heat and light set up for your new friend? It didn't show in any of the pics and is really nesassary for their well being. Also do you have a hide of some kind for him to sleep in ? It makes them feel safe and less stressed than sleeping in the open. There is a lot of good info on this site about cage setups and if you have any questions just ask and someone will help you out, and welcome.

Aj.t 03-12-2019 01:02 AM

From the pictures, he looks cinnicot to me!

DracoTheHedgehog 03-12-2019 04:50 PM

Yes, he was in a pet carrier haha those pics were taken when I was taking him home as I just got him! I have a lamp and thermometer to regulate the temperature if it gets too cold, usually my room is pretty warm though so itÂ’s only necessary sometimes at night, I make sure it stays in the mid to high seventies. He has a igloo which was the largest one (guinea pig) that he sleeps in during the day. Thanks for the input.

And I was thinking he was a Cinnicot too! I just was getting confused because there were so many colors when I looked them up. Thanks for helping me.

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