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Default Re: Concerned about pink spots

It looks like it could be blood.
Have you checked her feet and toes? If not you should.
If there all fine you might want to take her to the vet to check for blood in her urine or her stool if itís when she poops. If it is blood in her urine it could be a urinary tract infection or the worst it could be a tumor or cancer in her uterus. If itís a UTI they should be able to treat it with antibiotics if itís uterine she would more then likely need to be spayed.
If itís a toe or foot as long as itís not real bad give her a footbath and put some original polysporin or Neosporin (must be regular strength not extra strength or pain relief) and keep an eye on her. If itís a toe or foot and it looks to bad or as a precaution you could take her to the vet for some antibiotic to make sure she doesnít get an infection.

With it just being spotted like that to me it looks like it could be a toe or foot.
I hope it's nothing serious.

*EDIT* Edit Has she been constipated or anything?
I know with dog's if their constipated it can make their little bums sore and sometimes bleed a little when they poop.
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