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Originally Posted by zorden
my dada had his 1st shower on monday. he do not allowed me to peek at his belly thus have to use my finger to feel his fur at his belly. Finally after much attempt then he allowed me to massage his belly using a dry cloth without making noise.

btw how often can hedgies shower?>
By "shower" you mean bath with you gently pouring water over the hedgies back right? I hope so, cause I can't imagine a full-on shower with a full power shower head is too safe.

Frequency depends on the hedgies age, if he is young and quilling bathing as frequent as every 6 days is acceptable as they are in a lot of pain from the quilling. However as they get older you want to limit it to once every few weeks as it can dry out skin. Try giving "foot baths" inbetween baths to get the poop off their little feet, or break flax seed oil capsules over their backs to help with dry skin (no more than one per week). When drying the hedgies off, rubbing with a towel might be slightly uncomfortable so even just wrapping them in one towel for a few minutes, and then switching to a second dry towel should do the trick. Just ensure they're completely dry before putting them back.
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