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Default Bad Hedgehog Conditions in Pet Stores

What do you guys do?

I'm on vacation, and I stopped into a pet store (just to see if I could pick any little things up for Gordon's arrival) and I found a tiny wire cage with two 13-week old male hedgehogs housed together. They had a small mesh wheel and a shared igloo that had no top. There was a water bottle and no food dish.

My dad was in a rush since we were driving back and all the store workers seemed to be busy so I didn't really have time to tell them about everything they were doing wrong (I'm trying to find contact info online now - I'll probably call tomorrow and have a talk with someone.. you think someone who starts a pet shop must care about the animals enough to do what's right for them, maybe they just don't know what hedgehogs need?).

I'm just curious, what do you guys do when you see hedgehogs in pet stores that are in awful living conditions? Maybe I should print out a hedgehog care sheet and bring it with me everywhere, just in case
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