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Default Re: Speed and Running Questions!

There ARE hedgehogs out there who won't use their wheels.

You just have to be extra careful with their diet and exercise. You'd need to take them out more often to let them run around(a nice large playpen is ideal for nightly roaming). So not those short 30 min bonding, but at least an hour or two(or even longer) out of the cage for supervised exercise. Maybe even slowly introduce your hedgehog to learn how to swim in the bathtub(supervised at all times).

Food wise, less fatty treats, try to get food that is as low in fat as possible.

Be sure that the hedgie does not become bored in the cage. Otherwise, you might get frantic bored hedgie running up and down the cage, rubbing nose raw and bleeding against the wall. Add in extra toys that he might like(and switch in and out a few different ones weekly), scatter his food around the cage for an active scavenger hunt every so often, etc etc.

As for the silent spinner, the curvature of the wheel can be enough to deter a hedgie from wanting to climb into it, hence maybe trying a comfort wheel instead. I also think that the height might be a deterrent as well(the comfort wheel is slightly lower, but no curve). The bar is high enough on the comfort wheel to not be too much of a problem(unless you have a really large hedgie) but it's also why you need to get the largest size of the comfort wheel.

And yes, the CWS is the best wheel out there right now.
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