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Well, it's a "silent spinner" and I know I need to replace it with a better one because of the little small slit is has sporadically in case of injury. BUT, I am not going to spend $50 on a wheel if he doesn't want one. He has not injured his toe (I check him over each day) because he hasn't touched the wheel at all. I can tell because I put a small piece of litter on top of it every night and it is there in the morning. He didn't have a wheel at the breeders so I thought at first he just wasn't interested, but it appears he actually doesn't care for it. If he doesn't want to run because of a street lights we're definitely going to have a problem! I would have to put his cage in a closet if he needs complete darkness and that doesn't seem very good for him either, haha.

He has explored the upper level of his cage, so I know every now and then he roams around (it's enclosed and I have a ferret tunnel and not a ramp so it's safe ). He also has used me as a walking surface, haha. In general he is not bothered by much and is very friendly and chilled out. I don't think it's stress.

Do some hedgies just not like wheels or do all hedgies love them? He seems totally healthy and alert when I take him out for bonding time, is eating and drinking normally, waste amounts are normal and healthy looking. Aside from dry skin (not mites!) he seems fine but just not interested in his wheel.
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