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Default Juvenile hedgehog with odd quill

Hello, my name is Crystal and I am a new hedgie owner My little boy's name is Winston and he is the sweetest thing. Very friendly, adjusting well to his new home without any fuss (2 months and a week old, I took him home one week ago) and loves to sleep on my lap I feel so lucky to have such a sweet boy, but I am a little worried about an odd quill he has.

On his shoulder there is one quill that is pointing the wrong way. When I look closer at it, it is not round like the others but looks to be more of a teardrop shape (if you were to cut it into segements and lay the segement down). It seems a bit sharpish on one side, and does not seem to be growing out but more staying the same length. It is about half the length of his normal quills. The base of the quill is also different, it looks like his skin is a bit built up around it, but very slightly so.

He doesn't seem bothered when I touch it, I don't think it's causing him any pain. However, I don't want it to be an impacted quill (can they get those? haha) and have it worsen. Is this something I should take him to a vet for, or should I wait it out and see what happens?

Thanks in advance for any help! I've reasearched almost every hedgehog site on the web and nothing has come up
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