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Sounds much like the problem I was in back in February. Nutmeg wasn't eating any of her foods and kept picking out foods out of my 3 food mix. It was very frustrating. I tried over 6 brands of different foods to see if she would take to any. I spent a lot of money on the bags I began to collect. It was stressing me out so much. She was losing weight and wasn't active. So I started to search around for breeders mix. Since I know many of them have more than 3 brands in them. I searched around and found Volcano View's mix. I decided to purchase some of their mix and let me tell you nutmeg has eaten every bite of her food every night. She has not lost that much weight as she did then ever again. She has been on this food since march and I can't believe the results she has had to the mix. I highly recommend purchasing some. It saves you a lot of money. I have recently gotten a new little boy who also really enjoys this mix and eats all of it every night.

Here is their website. http://www.volcanoviewhedgehogs.com/
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