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Question Hedgehog won't eat...

We have had our hedgehog about a year now. We started feeding him Innova kitten food from the beginning and he loved it. Well, since Innova had their recalls, I've been having trouble finding a food that he will eat. We do give him meal worms and he likes that. We have tried several human foods off and on since we've had him. He doesn't seem to care for any of that. Now Innova has a combo Cat/Kitten food. The kibble is larger. Even though I have crushed it up a little so it would be smaller, he won't eat it. I have bought Mizura (sp) Insectivore - won't touch it. I have tried Blue Mountain (I think that's what it's called, something "Blue") and he won't touch it. He has visibly lost weight. Today I bought another good quality kitten food from PetCo. We'll see tonight if he will eat that.
Any ideas or suggestions?? I can keep trying different brands. I don't know what else to do. I'm building up quite the selection of kitten food and we have two dogs. Blue Buffalo - that's it. I can't even mix a new food with the INNOVA because of the recall and now the change in the food they make.

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