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Originally Posted by josie oak View Post
i don't have a wire cage, though. i'm worried that the clamps might melt the plastic, or that it will tip over and again melt the plastic or something around it. what if i had two heating pads, ones that were designed for animals such as hedgehogs so that they wouldn't go above a certain temperature?

i looked in the product reviews here and they have ones like that...like this one http://cozywinters.com/shop/kh-1060.html

i really like using the sterilite bin as a cage, it's worked fantastically so far and my last hedgie did just fine in it and it's super easy to clean, so i really don't want to change cages >.<

i also wonder if id be able to have this sort of heating pad on the INSIDE of the cage under the fleece lining since it's waterproof, chew proof and meant to be directly sat on (as it caps off at a certain temperature specially for animals like hedgehogs)
I'd really advise against getting heating pads. You just never know how safe they can be- they just aren't worth risking your hedgies safety. I agree that CHEs might not be such a good idea for sterelite bins. The only thing I can think of that would work well is a space heater with thermostat.

It's basically up to you to decide if you want a wire/c&c cage + CHE or sterelite + space heater. CHE would take up less electricity if you're worried about that.
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