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Default Camping with Hedige and taking hedgie out and about

My boyfriend and I are avid campers and tend to take several trips all summer long. We're going camping next weekend for my birthday, and we will be boarding hedgie with her breeder for the weekend.

However, I was wondering if it would be ok to take hedgie on one of these trips once it gets hotter? I'm thinking I would pick up a tupperware tub as a travel cage and have a snugglesafe disk for traveling (although I'm not sure how I'd heat it). We would obviously put her in our tent if we leave the campsite and keep an eye on her so as not to allow any "friends" to visit her house. She's pretty hardy to begin with - I usually keep her cage at 72-76 and she's happy at that temperature. She also runs around at night in our house which we keep at 68 and is fine.

What do you think? Is this an entirely silly and/or dangerous idea?

Also, do any of you take your hedgies on trips in general? What about shopping and day to day stuff?
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