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Default Dry Skin and EXTREMELY grouchy

Hi, My hedgehog is almost 6 months old and went through quilling at around 12 weeks old. She was always really cuddly and would fall asleep in my hands every day when I take her out and never minded being held until about 3 weeks ago. Now she wants nothing to do with me...she just hisses and pops and tries to run away everytime I hold her. I still take her out of her cage in the morning and evening but the only way she is agreeable to it is if I leave her in her bag. I have noticee her skin is very very dry and flaky and she loses about 10 quills a day. Some seem to be adult quills while others seem to be baby quills. I do put flax seed oil on her a couple of times a week and also in her food. The reason that i don't think that she is quilling is because I have not seen anynew quills coming in and when she was quilling before I could see the new quills coming in. Also, she stopped using her wheel around the same time she got crabby. Any ideas on what is going on with her? Thanks for your help!!
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