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Chihirolee3 12-31-2013 08:00 PM

Hedgehog Stuffed animals
Couldn't find a topic about this, so here we go.

While Christmas shopping, I happened upon an ADORABLE little stuffed animal. It looked like a hedgehog, but they either all green colored or all red colored. Plus they had little antlers on them. I thought they were sooooo cute, but i didn't have the money to get one (i have a strict budget, and loving stuffed animals does not help :P ), and today, I had a bit extra cash with me when I went up to the city, but they were all gone. I just got onto Amazon, and I discovered there's a plethora of them! I want all of them now, and make Pindsvin's area covered in hedgies!
Anyways, I am sure many know there's a TY beanie baby hedgehog which has 3 different versions (his name is Prickles), and in the Pokemon franchise, there's an adorable pokemon called shaymin, who has two forms, one looking like a hedgehog with flowers on its back (so cute!) and the other looking like a deer (my most favorite animal). I am sure Aurora has a hedgehog stuffed animal too....So here's my question/discussion creator, what hedgehog stuffed animals have you seen?
Here's the link to Amazon's Ganley the hedgehog

Haley 01-01-2014 12:01 AM

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Ikea has a cute flower holding hedgehog.

There are little plastic hedgehogs that are lipgloss pots. They were a little expensive so we passed on it.

We did get this one, it is 4.5 inches. Made by Ganz $3.99 Attachment 16065

Haley 01-01-2014 12:05 AM

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Zippy 01-01-2014 04:02 PM

The link doesn't work, but I sure have seem some cute ones! I'm trying to sew one and felt a custom one right now so they look just like Zippy. Felting seems to work pretty well so far :)

xxkrysta 01-01-2014 05:17 PM

Amazon has a lot of cute hedgehog things! I was browsing and found this cutie

but at one point my local walmart had hedgehog stuffies (it was around valentine's day and it was holding a sign that said 'im stuck on you' and it was huge).

JulieAnne 01-01-2014 05:25 PM

I have the same one that haley posted :). Haley, where did you get yours?

Beloved Doll 01-02-2014 09:50 AM

I've bought several and people give them to me as gifts. ~_~ And this doesn't count all the Sonic the Hedgehog plushes that I have either. XD

ceopet 01-02-2014 10:29 AM

At a high end toy store a couple months back we saw awesome little hedgie toys I forget what company made them though so I haven't been able to look for them They were so adorable.

Haley 01-02-2014 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by JulieAnne (Post 328114)
I have the same one that haley posted :). Haley, where did you get yours?

At a bookstore, Books A Million, while on vacation.
We also have the Ikea one and the book from Ikea. I might be starting a collection...

My sil gave us some Hedgehog coins as well. And a family friend got us the Beware of Hedgehog sticker linked in xxk's link.

Haley 01-02-2014 11:14 AM

I want the Folktales puppet, for obvious reasons (see blog)

Chihirolee3 01-02-2014 11:57 AM

hmmm...i don't know why the link doesn't work...well if you type Ganley Gund into Amazon, you'll see them :P Anyway's here's a pic of the ones I saw http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/...2L._SY300_.jpg
They are really tiny too, smaller than actual hedgehogs. If you make sure the threads on it are secure and maybe get ones without the antlers, it'd make a good cage friend.

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