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Starshinepunk 03-27-2019 01:33 PM

I haven’t found any treats that Pugsley will take from me or even if I’m around or watching so I haven’t figured out how to reward him yet. The closest I’ve gotten is stage 2 gerber meat and gravy, but even then it depends on his mood. Just about anything else if I leave it in his food dish he’ll eat it, just not while anyone is watching.

Ria 03-27-2019 01:41 PM

Holly can be like this. We generally clean her feet in my room, so its quiet, just me and her so she will take the treats.
She used to only eat them if I left them in her cage.
Then I started offering her treats when she was in her cage, and she did start taking them. Now she'll take them if its just me and her in my room.

She loves plain cooked duck the most !! She'll take that no problem wherever she is !!

Starshinepunk 03-27-2019 02:53 PM

Hmmm Duck is hard to come by here and he hasn’t shown any interest in chicken either. Just mealies if I leave them alive in his bowl and the baby food. Oh and strawberries and bananas if left in his dish. Lol

Ria 03-27-2019 03:59 PM

Lamb is another favourite cooked meat she has.
She also likes cooked sweet potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, brussel sprouts. She wont eat the sweet potato or carrots mashed only eats them cut into little cubes. She prefers cooked apples. Watermellon and pears
You can also try scrambled egg (not mad with milk though) or a boiled egg broken up.

Believe it or not shes not keen on mealworms😂

It took a lot of bonding and work to get her comfortable taking treats off me to be fair, it can with shyer hedgehogs.

shetland 04-05-2019 02:45 PM

The face of an angel................so sweet and gentle...............

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