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shaelikestaquitos 08-23-2011 12:25 AM

I got offered a job at a pet store...
So a few days ago, I went by the pet store near my house, just to pick up some mealies for Kashi... and well, I noticed they had hedgehogs for sale...

So of course, I asked to see them... First of all, they had the hedgies on some Pretty Pets hedgehog food... and the babies looked like they were maybe 4-5 weeks old... so tiny... Anyway, the girl who works there offered to get them out for me with a pair of gloves... So I told her no, and picked them up by hand. Everyone at the store was like O_O and in shock that I would pick them up with my bare hands :roll:

I picked up the one they said was extremely antisocial. A little cinnicot pinto boy... much runtier than the other guy. He was a hissing ball of quills, but I managed to get him to unball, and I taught the girl how to sex them... and also a trick on how to get them to uncurl.

Well, we got to talking, because I was handling the hedgehogs for quite a while... and one thing led to another, and she finally asked if I was looking for a part time job.

I currently work at a call center... and I HATE my job so much. I deal with customer service, so I get extremely irate clients calling me to basically yell at me until I give them a discount they don't deserve (not always the case, but you know what I mean)... I've been looking for a new job all summer because I absolutely cannot take it anymore.

I'm dropping my CV off at the store, and I might go to an interview... but I guess the biggest problem I have with working at the store is that they sell animals. Animals who I know come from mills, or bad breeders... I rescued LeRoux from this very same pet store (the one with hyperesthesia)...

So what should I do?

I'd LOVE to have a chance to educate future pet parents, and to work with animals... but it's also an ethical issue too... Would I be supporting the mills if I do take this job?



Hedgieonboard 08-23-2011 12:31 AM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
That is a really hard call. I'd say go with your heart on it. The mills is a very big down point but then on the other hand once you get in there and get to know everyone there may always be the chance to educate and influence change also :) I'm sure if you did get the job that any one who got a hedgie would have a well socialized one because it would be too hard not to interact with them at work. I think you will make a great division either way and I know I won't judge if you decide it is something you would love to do and took the position :) There may be good that comes out of that way too.

LizardGirl 08-23-2011 12:33 AM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
I don't think you would be supporting the mills at all, if you can work there and better educate customers and give the animals better care, that's an awesome thing.

Course, if you went out of your way to sell as many hedgies as possible (which is of course the opposite of what you'd do :P) that'd support the mills...

I think you could help a LOT if you worked there. :)

Lilysmommy 08-23-2011 12:36 AM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
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It is a bit of a hard decision to make...I work at a pet store right now, and initially wanted the job so I could be around animals/animal people, and possibly help give out better information. I think it'd be that much better for those hedgehogs and the customers if you worked there. You have the proper information and experience to help take care of the hedgehogs, and you can give any customers interested in them the right information. Personally, I do like taking care of the animals at my store, and I like talking to our customers that come in that are obviously animal lovers and enjoy talking about their pets.

However, I'm finding that my job, though I like it, is starting to wear me down. My coworkers like animals, but I think the job is still just a job for them. Quite often I find problems in the animals' care, just from someone being lazy and not wanting to remove water dishes to scrub them out, not giving the correct food, etc. I can't do much to force anyone to do these things, and our manager is much more concerned with making everyone keep the product straight than keep the animals healthy. :roll: :evil: I actually just picked up a job application for a different pet store that is much more animal-oriented. From what I can tell, the employees spend more time caring for the animals and talking to customers about the animals' care than anything else, which is exactly what I want to do.

So...It's up to you, really! If you hate your current job, I'd say you might as well give the pet store a shot. I don't think you're really supporting anything, and you can definitely do some good. If your manager is open-minded, maybe you'll be able to make some small improvements in the animals' care, especially the hedgehogs.

Littlefootsmama 08-23-2011 02:19 AM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
It is a very hard call; I too have worked at a pet store and I have also rescued poor little ones from pet stores. Since the pet store is already purchasing from supply agents/mills and most likely won't stop I would say the best thing to do for the hedgehogs is to get in there and give them the best quality of life you can while you are there. In addition to this, you will have a chance to earn the trust of your co-workers and your customers; therefore, you will be in a great position to educate fellow employees and customers on proper hedgehog care and why purchasing from a huge supply company really is not in the best interest of the hedgie-- they probably won't listen and will still buy them as long as there is a demand for them, but being heard is what is important. All in all, I think being there and having the opportunity to make a bad situation the best you can is fantastic. There are a lot of people out there that love hedgehogs and think "they are so cute", but have absolutely no idea how to care for one and this is your chance to make a difference :)

Best of luck!

moothecow 08-23-2011 09:39 AM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
I rather like it that you got offered the job because it was clear that you knew a lot about hedgehogs (and possibly other animals), as opposed to getting offered a job because you seemed like a good saleswoman (a.k.a. a pushy one who will sell lots of product). It makes me think that they value proper animal knowledge and they know up-front that you'd be bringing a totally different hedgehog care perspective. I also say it's a tough call, but it could also be an opportunity to properly educate both customers and coworkers. A lot depends on the manager of that store - if it is someone who cares about animals and is open to learning more, to correcting mistakes, to really providing stellar care, then it might be a great job. However, if it's someone who is just concerned about the bottom line, then you'd have an uphill struggle and a lot of obstacles in trying to get proper care for the hedgehogs (and other animals in there). That being said, since you really hate your current job, I don't think you have much to lose in trying this new job.

shaelikestaquitos 08-23-2011 03:33 PM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
Thank you all for your input!

So I think I'll just try working at the pet store... I'm sure that the company I am currently working for would be more than happy to employ me again if this doesn't work out... So I'm going to hand in my CV today, and hope for the best!

Wish me luck ^_^

SaltAndExtraPepper 08-23-2011 03:48 PM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
Congratulations! :D I could never work at a petstore that sold hedgies cause I'd wanna take them all home :roll: But I am glad you will put all your knowledge and experience to use and educate people and handle animals... and get paaaid to do it too! :lol: Sounds a lot better than a job you don't even like where you get yelled at more often than not ;) This fall I am going to volunteer at my local pet store to take care of the animals, especially when they have adoption fairs. Hopefully that will lead to a job there (several employees told me they were hired after being volunteers, so fingers crossed!)

So best of luck to you!! Let us know how it goes! :D

Daleo 08-23-2011 08:00 PM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
Congrats! I applied for a local pet store that has all sorts of animals with very clean cages and friendly employees. Well, they decided to hire random college people instead of me :/. I think it is great that you can educate people on hedgehogs and how to properly take care of them. Plus, after a while, you can see if you can get a better source such as a hobby breeder rather than a mill breeder.

leaveittoweaver 08-23-2011 08:51 PM

Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...
I think it's a great idea. I work for a pet store and I love educating people! Granted, our store doesn't purchase from mills and only take in donated animals from people who can no longer care for them but I did work for a store previously that did purchase from mills and I don't regret working there either, I was able to educate people in that time and that's what matters :) And you will be able to at least try to make the animals lives better there.

And btw, I work for a call center for my second job and I know what you mean by hating it! Haha.

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