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Lilysmommy 06-04-2015 11:58 PM

Moving advice
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Okay, so this isn't really connected to animals at all, but...I thought maybe some of you guys would have some good tips, & I could use whatever I can get right now.

I had some major family issues, and as a result, I'm going to be moving next month. I'll be moving to Kansas, to move in with my best friend & their family for a short time until we can get our own place.

The decision was just "finalized", more or less, tonight and I'm starting to panic a bit about what I have to do & what I might be missing. I have no clue what I'm doing, I've never moved before - I've lived in this house since I was a baby.

Right now my plan is to start going through all of my stuff & get rid of a bunch of things by selling or donating. I'll be finding boxes so I can pack up all of my books (I have over 1,000...this is going to be a major pain :roll:) and other stuff. I decided to hold off on finishing my tote habitat for my hermit crabs until I move so I don't have to break it down again. They'll be put into a temporary tank for the move & I'll either attempt to sell the 45-gal tank or take it with me to sell there or...something.

I'm planning to rent a moving truck or something to pack everything into, but I'm not sure what's involved with that or what company to rent from. I've been told U-Haul is awful? The only furniture I have to move is my bookshelves & dresser, maybe a couch section (I might just leave it here). Other than that, everything will be boxes of books, clothes, animal supplies, etc.

I know there are other things to check into, like change of address stuff & probably transfer of medical information? But I do have some people I can talk to for help with that. I'm mostly just wondering if people on here have any tips that helped them a lot with moving or little things to remember that are easy to forget or overlook. :)

MaryJ83 06-05-2015 03:55 AM

This isn't really advice on packing for a move but its helpful once you begin unpacking. Make sure you mark every box so you know what is in it. I gave each box a room title (living room, kitchen, bedroom, pet stuff etc) and below each title I listed the items in it. Saved me a lot of trouble when unpacking!

I also have a lot of books. I won't lie. They were the worst to move but I just couldn't part with them. I wish I had some advice on moving trucks but luckily for me, I only had to move two blocks. Between my car and my parents' vehicles, it only took us one day to move everything.

Best of luck to you! Hope your move goes smoothly.

Pandamom 06-05-2015 08:58 AM

As long as you don't have too much furniture (&bit sounds like you don't) you can probably handle the move yourself with some strong armed friends to help load up a cube van or something. Doesn't sound like a moving company is needed plus they can be pricey. You're on the right track for your stuff-get rid of what you can now, and start packing what you need to take, label label and label. Lists of lists. Stuff like that will make it smooth. Good luck!!!!

Lilysmommy 06-05-2015 09:37 PM

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Thank you both! Yeah, I'm probably not even taking all of the bookshelves, and those are the main furniture. I probably won't bother taking the dresser or couch section I have up here. I will definitely label things well! I'll probably get even more specific with my boxes of books, so I know what's in each & what I want to unpack when I get there & what can stay in boxes. I only have one friend (so far) that will be able to help...hopefully the two of us can manage it if my dad & brother are unwilling to help. And I'm already making lists, I love them. :lol:

MaryJ83 06-05-2015 10:17 PM

Oh, don't get me started on lists! It may be a bit weird but I love making them There is nothing more satisfying than making a list and checking off each item on it.:grin:

TikkiLink 06-05-2015 10:49 PM

My advice would be, as tempting as it is when packing, DON'T FILL BOXES OF BOOKS ALL THE WAY! Lol. You will die trying to carry heavy boxes loaded with books! Been there, done that!

shinydistraction 06-05-2015 11:26 PM

Well, you can fill the boxes all the way, just make sure you use small boxes. Really, for books, just use small boxes. They do get super heavy really quick. So better to have a bunch of small boxes you can actually pick up than a few large boxes you'd need Hercules to move.

Lilysmommy 06-05-2015 11:58 PM

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Yeah, I'm going to have to remind myself of that often. :lol: Small, sturdy boxes for the books...bigger boxes for the clothes, animal supplies, & other lighter things. I'm planning to run through my books again for any I'm willing to part with, but I don't have high hopes that I'll get much. :roll: I've gone through my library numerous times to try & pare it down, and everything is something I really liked & refuse to give up, or haven't read yet. Even the kid book series I have, I want to keep out of sentimentality and/or for future kids. I'm hopeless when it comes to books! :oops:

Soyala_Amaya 06-08-2015 04:54 PM

I made lists, many many lists. Each list had a room name of what I needed/wanted (kitchen, living room, bathroom, so on) Then, as I packed, I checked off each thing on my list, and knew what I needed to purchase after that. I rented a small $25 storage unit, and everything I didn't immediately need went straight to there so it was packed, out of the way, and in an easy location for loading. My sisters were actually a little upset with me for how organized I was because as they came back to help me unpack my kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom (the three rooms you need to actually live, lol) they quickly figured out there wasn't a house warming gift left to get me!

Also, just curious, where in Kansas will you be moving? I am really close to the Missouri/Kansas border.

Lilysmommy 06-08-2015 05:07 PM

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Yup, I have a lot of lists going. :lol: On the plus side, I'm not moving an entire house. On the down side, my books are enough of a pain.

I've begun the packing process today since I had the day off work. I started with my clothes, since I mostly wear the same things anyway & figured I wouldn't need many boxes. I was right - I'm at 1.5 packed & will probably only need 3 or so! & I have two boxes (so far, a third one is started) of clothes to donate.

I think on Wednesday (my next day off), I'll start working on sorting through my animal supplies for stuff to sell and/or donate, and possibly start packing up some books as well. Knick-knacks & decorations will be easy to pack now as well, and I already have a lot of them packed up.

I wish I was organized as you, but I'm trying! :lol: I might end up renting a small storage space down there for the majority of my books, but I'm not really sure yet.

And I'm going to be very close to you - I'm moving to the Kansas side of Kansas City. :D

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