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Default Re: Long-time hedgehog wanter, soon-to-be first-time owner!


You'll want to change some things on your list. Just know that a lot of articles and videos online are actually wrong. We've been working on getting them taken down for quite some time now.

If you go with a bin, you'll want it to be as large as possible and that lid will need to be on 24/7.

Fleece works best for bedding. Carefresh is really dusty and can cause some major respiratory issues.

You should avoid hedgehog food like the plague. I just rescued a hedgehog that was on strictly that food and he was deathly skinny, even at 6 months. There is no nutritional value at all in hedgehog food, and it's just marketed to hedgehog owners to make a few extra bucks. There's a bunch of foods out there that owners feed, but I use Blue Buffalo Weight Control dry cat food mixed with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck, and I sprinkle some Royal Canin BabyCat on the younger hog's food for fat content.

Canned mealworms are fine, but they STINK. Go with live if you can.

That is a horrible wheel for ANY animal. Because it's enclosed, they'll be breathing in their own fumes from their excitement. Check out the Carolina Storm Wheel. They're quiet, and SUPER easy to clean. Silent Spinners are a big no-no and Comfort Wheels are loud as heck.

Pick up a plastic igloo (the large size, not the jumbo). If you use fleece, cut up some fleece strips and place them in the hut for them to dig.

Water Bowl:
Yay! Keep him on a bowl. Bottles are terrible.

Climbing Gear:
NO. Hedgehogs can get VERY badly hurt when they climb and we try to curb it as much as possible.

You'll want a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) and a hood rated for a CHE.

Please, please, please read this book cover to cover before you pick up your hedgehog. It's free and a FANTASTIC source of correct info.

http://www.westcoasthedgehogs.com/files ... index.html

Check out Tranquills for all your hedgehog needs! Including... TUTUS!
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