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Default Long-time hedgehog wanter, soon-to-be first-time owner!

Afternoon, I've wanted to have a hedgehog of my own after meeting a friend's several years ago, and until recently, my living arrangements prevented me from housing one. But that's changed, and I put down a deposit at a local breeder last week. In about ten days, I'll have a hedgehog of my own!

I have been studying hedgehog videos, media, and articles for the past couple months, and have drawn up a list and plan in my head of what to buy. So far I am at:
  • - Large plastic bin, with large holes cut in the lid. (Which I will leave off unless it becomes colder)
    - Carefresh Bio bedding.
    - Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Complete.
    - A small can of mealworms.
    - Sandy Trimmer wheel.
    - I'll buy a hide, but want to see if my guy will use a small square of blanket.
    - Water bowl.
    - Maybe look at the climbing gear or toys they have when I go pick him up.
    - Fresh shirt to sleep in a few days before I pick him up; get him used to my smell from the start.
    - And a small heat-fan I already own. (It doesn't get too hot)

Am I on the right track? I want this little mofo to be the happiest a hedgehog can be.
Many thanks.
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