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I've moved Norman twice in one year; once half way across the country, and once about 20 minutes away to a new house.

The cross-country drive spanned two days. I dismantled his cage and stuffed it in the back of my car. I put him in his carrier, along with the fleece from his cage, his shirt, and his igloo so he at least had some familiar items around him and things he was used to sleeping with. We stopped in a hotel for the evening where I setup his cage with all of the usual accessories and took him out for his regular snuggle time. I made sure to bring the space heater as well to try and keep the room at his usual temperature. He was crabby and a little tired from not sleeping quite as much as he was used to thanks to the movement and road noise, but he was still eager for snuggles and carried on with his usual nightly routine. Packed him up in the morning and reached the apartment on day 2, shortly before the movers arrived. I kept him in his carrier in the bathroom where he was out of the way of all of the foot traffic so he could still sleep. When everything was moved in, his cage was the first thing I set up and then plopped him back in there so he could get back to his usual environment. He was a little grumpy again that evening thanks to the noise, etc., but was back to his usual self by the next day.

For moving across the city it was a lot easier. The first thing I moved was him in his carrier plus his cage and all of its accessories. Again, I stuffed his fleece, shirt, and igloo in there so it was at least familiar. When we got to the house, the cage was set up right away and he was tucked back into his home. I don't think he even noticed the change.
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