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Default Re: Adopted an abused hedgie, seeking advice.

That poor little girl! It just breaks my heart thinking about it. Thank you so much for rescuing her!

Hopefully the not eating is just her adjusting to the sudden change in environment, but you may need to give her food with a syringe if she doesn't take anything soon, she's gotta eat and drink or she's going to go downhill fast. If she really isn't eating anything at all, I would suggest getting some Carnivore Care from a vet, its a powder that you mix with water and syringe feed to nurse back to health.

My girl Thistle is a very picky eater but can't seem to resist the chicken and gravy baby food, you can get a tiny jar of it for like $1, try it straight or try it mixed with some water and using a syringe or eye dropper. I've seen Royal Canin Baby Cat recommended a lot for underweight or malnurished hedgehogs, that can be found at most pet specialty stores (Petco, Petsmart, etc)

It sounds like she needs to see a vet anyway with the bald patch. She could have mites or something else going on.

For handling and calming her down, put something that smells like you (a t-shirt you wore to bed) in the cage for her to cuddle on or under so that that she associates your smell with a safe place. Also, just lots of patience and daily handling.

Since its been a while since you last took care of a hedgehog, here is the best reference book, it was written by Lizardgirl, a moderator on this forum, and you can download the information for free: http://www.westcoasthedgehogs.com/files ... index.html

Keep us updated on how she's doing!
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