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Default Adopted an abused hedgie, seeking advice.

I used to own a couple hedgies as a kid but it has been several years and im afraid im a little rusty. I just adopted an adorable hedgehog that was found abandoned in an empty apartment, living in what was once an old laundry basket. She is estimated to be 2.5 yrs old and is quite malnourished, yet refuses to eat (i have only offered Wellness Cat Food and mealworms so far as i have only had her a day) . She also has what appears to be blue nail polish painted on her back and i am at a loss as to how to safely remove it. She is also missing a large amount of quills in this same area. She does not appear to be hand tame at all so i have been trying not to handle her overly much so she can adapt to her new environment, a much larger tank with toys and Carefresh bedding (she was on wood chips). Im just hoping for advice on how to give this sweet girl a better life.
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