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Smile Dear Pet Journal or Adventures in Pet Ownership

March 25, 2014
Dear Pet Journal,
I canít believe it is the end of March and snowing yet again! But there it is, falling softly on the grass. At least it isnít sticking. Iím glad I donít have any outside pets.
Work has been fine. I find myself somewhere between duties and looking up various hedgehog info in any spare time I might have.
The cats are doing well. I think Ping is suffering a touch of jealousy/separation anxiety because of the time Jason and I spend in the office with the hedgies. Closed doors bother him. But at least he doesnít jump against the door trying to open it, like Willow. Or Panama, who just sits right outside the door, waiting for one of us. I think Pan is just hoping we will come out with food. And just because Iím mentioning the rest, I have to say Loki is doing the best. He is presently asleep on the couch. He has never had any kind of anxiety against the hedgies. I remember Jason telling me right after we brought Sebastian home that he went through the process of introductions while I was at work. He said Pan and Willow were nervous of Sebastian, that Ping kept his disinterested distance (that is Emperor Ping for you) and Loki approached Sebastian, looked at her (him at the time) and licked her head and walked away. Seriously? And I was at work?!?! I totally should have seen that.
Sebastian and Co. seem to be adjusting well to their new cages. A day or so shy of 6.5 weeks. Sebastian and Gayle are in one new cage and the boys are all in another.
Everyone seems to love the new fleece liners I put in the cages. Sebastian and Gayle both spend most of their time asleep under the fleece under the igloo. Gabriel and Tiberius are also both under the fleece, but only one under the igloo at a time. Beauregard, my grumpy baby Beau, has spent under fleece time, but seems to prefer to stay cuddled up close to the wheel. On the fleece. But not so much under it. They all seem to be ignoring the carefresh I put down on top of the fleece to make them feel more at home. I guess the carefresh is done for now. Into closet storage!
The new wheels all came in today. Big old chinchilla wheels. We already had one and we had also gotten some ďsilent spinnersĒ mostly because they were out of chinchilla wheels. But the little slits on the spinners make me nervous. So, just so I would rest easier, we got more wheels.
Chelsea has rats and I think she will like a spinner for her brood. Weíll figure out what to do with the other 3.
Oh my gosh! Watching all the babes try to take to the wheels has been just Ö awesome. They get on it, walk around a bit, turn around, run a little, stop like they are scared, turn around again, walk a little, turn around, run, and do it all again. Itís so funny with the boys because one of the boys will get about halfway through this cycle and another boy will get on the wheel and try his own cycle. Except their running/walking/turning cycles of course do not coincide. Every once in a while though they will both get it at the same time and both be running in the same direction. And that makes my heart feel full. But then the third brother wants on too, and for all itís a big wheel, itís just not big enough for three.
Gayle thoughÖ Gayle got on her wheel and was off like a rocket! Run run run run, slow downÖ run run run run! I think the little girl has some serious nervous energy to burn off. I wonder if Sebastian ever gets to use the wheel at night?
Given issues with wheel time Iím thinking that by this upcoming weekend we had best have all 5 of our new cages ready for occupancy. Iím sure Sebastian is ready to be alone again, even though to my knowledge she was only ever alone for the first week we had her. She seemed to enjoy it a lot. And hedgehogs being naturally solitary animals, Iím pretty sure they will do just fine with socialization at designated playtimes.
Iím thinking one of those kiddy pools with the high sides for playtimes, or maybe a play pen like they had when I was a kid. Couple boys sometimes, couple girls sometimes. A wheel, a couple balls with bells, maybe live crickets sometimes just for extra adventure.
Itís a random thought.
And pictures! I need a camera and some serious lighting. I NEED to click pictures of these little ones for posterity. And they are just so darned cute! I love the cats, I really do. But they just usually donít take to pictures well. The hedgies? They could be super stars in my home! Besides, I think they are doing good things for Rhiannon. After losing her mom, the hedgie pics I had been taking were the only thing she would even talk about with me. And they have opened a new world for us. <3 hedgehogs! And cats!

(this little journal spot is for everyone! what pet adventures did you have today?)

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March 27, 2014
Dear Pet Journal
Tonight was clean out the cages night. Should have been last night to keep it twice a week, but tonight it was.
Pulled out the hedgies, ladies first, then gentlemen, pulled out the old fleece, wiped everything down, put down a new fleece liner, and then put down fleece scraps. Quills everywhere. I think itís that timeÖ
Wow! They took to the scraps like ducks to water, snuggling in and going right back to sleep after playtimes without tearing up the fleece liners. Just yet anyway.
Iím thankful that there are two of us humans too, one to watch the hogs and one to do the actual cleaning.
Anyway since I was designated cleaner I didnít get much time to play with anyone until right at the end as I was putting everyone back. Gabriel here though decided he wanted a little licking, anointing and cuddling time as I was putting him back in and so here we have it. Gabriel and my hands.
Dang they are so fricken cute!

(this little journal spot is for everyone! what pet adventures did you have today?)
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March 29, 2014
Well darnit, Pet Journal!
Seems to be the boys were getting huffy with each other on Thursday overnight right after I last posted. And so the schedule had to be moved up for separation.
Not so bad as they will be 7 weeks come Monday. ~sings Come Monday by Jimmy Buffett~
And so, last night a very grumpy Grace and an even grumpier Jason took the time right after a long day and a long week of regular work to put together the rest of the shelving and cages and accessories for our prickly brood. Itís not like the hoglets were tired from a long week of processing equity loans or from the burdensome world of retail. Because hoglets donít care. Hoglets want to grow into happy hogs and that means their own space.
Sounds like children, huh?
One of the cages came broken (of course, thatís why we bought 6) And I really feel like the hedgies are going to need a play space just to run around in because the cages seem so much smaller than I want to give them. But with space limitations and so on, this was the best we could come up with on short notice.
All told, I donít think we did too bad.

Now if we can just convince Willow, the calico, that her tiny little paws have no business between the wires we should be in great shape!
(for those who have valid concerns for the hedgies, Willow is actually quite afraid of those little quills, so the babes are all actually perfectly safe in their cages)

(this little journal spot is for everyone! what pet adventures did you have today?)
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(I only have one elderly dog right now, so not much fodder for a pet journal...but joining in in a different way if that's okay!)

Dear Wildside journal,

Y'know, I love working out there and being able to take care of wildlife and see so many different animals. It'd be fantastic if they would all stop attacking me though! Is there some way to tell the geese that no, I'm certainly not a rival for the one female in the yard, so no, all three of them don't have to mob & attack me as soon as I set foor through the gate?? This is in no way helping my extreme dislike of domestic geese!

I suppose I can't blame the barred owl for biting me, considering I was the one catching him to move for cage cleaning. But jeeze, that beak is sharp! Turns out the calmest guys have some good weapons to back themselves up with. Not to mention his super-speed when pulling legs out of my grasp as soon as I try to close my hand. We're not supposed to name wildlife, but I think Ninja would be a good name for that guy.

Now the opossums...I DO blame all of them for biting me! I know I have nice, thick gloves on, but jeeze, they can BITE! Here's hoping the weather will finally take a turn for the better soon...we need to get all of these grumpy tails out of the hotel and off to freedom. You'd think they'd be a little more cheerful considering they all likely grew up here and were the ones to come back for the free food and warmth. I suppose I'll accept the healthy attitudes as a thank you though. Better to have them attacking me than be too friendly for release!

Paulie though...I still have no idea what I did to that Harris's hawk, but he hates me now. Last year we were buddies, and since I was there so often (for internship), I could have him out to hang out on the glove at least once a week. Unfortunately, my time is much more limited this year, and there's been very little glove-time. That's the only change I can think of...but man, is he holding a grudge. Every time I go to move him for cage cleaning, my hand apparently turns into a nice tasty rabbit. Luckily his death-grab doesn't go through the nice thick welding gloves...But that doesn't help protect my feelings! Maybe I can win his love again once school is done and summer gives me more time.

So that was my day attack after another. The dubious joys of volunteering at a wildlife rehab!
~*~*~ Kelsey ~*~*~

RIP my sweet Lily ~ 6/12/08 - 1/20/12
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Oh, this was fun to read! My life is one big pet journal.
Here was just today, which was particularly exhausting.
4:00 am- Girls I know you are small little dogs, but peeing the bed (spike) and barking (moose) is not acceptable.
7:00 am- Paz, I appreciate that you are my big boy... I got you for the purpose of hiking the property. But we could walk at 8 sometimes too. Also, bringing me my shoes doesn't help. Alright fine, I'll get up and get things started.
Checking the hedgies, Eloise is bored and has torn her cage apart. Make a note that she needs some wheel time while I steal her babies tonight. Milton has flipped his cage upside down, even his litter tray. Putting everything back together took about 10 minutes for both cages. Notes about food and water intake take another minute. Peeking at every adorable sleeping face takes another five. Paz, Spike, and Moose are at the door waiting for me. We head out- the goats (George & George) are loose, Paz does his thing hearding them back to their pen. Oops, Pretty George is going after Moose. The chicken coop is safe and dry, wonderful. Spike, get out you are not a chicken.
Time to get the dogs inside... Moose you are very kind but I don't want that stick... OH MY GOSH THAT IS A DEER LEG. Okay. Ew. Wow okay the coyotes are back, I should check and secure the coop. Moose thanks for the gift, but you are disgusting. I need to get to the barn, don't breathe on anything. Stop growling at your brother.
8:00 am (ish) - barn- oh, okay so it's going to rain. The morning people were ontime and the horses are already out. Okay, Ditto is over the rain and freaking out in the feild. Awesome. Thank you, all 27 horses outside, for deciding that you would melt in the rain. And making us walk to the middle of your muddy fields to bring you in. All three of us. Wait your turns you spoiled babies!
10:00 am- Indy, the most spoiled retired racehorse in the world is screaming for his girlfriend. Indy... Stop. She's just not that into you. I literally just bought you a horse (seriously, I bought a miniature horse for him to bond with so he'll stop screaming, she comes Tuesday)...
12:00 pm- Lunches. Okay Dew, thanks for biting me. That's exactally what I wanted when I brought you food.
A child has fallen of a horse. Dear horses, can you chill with the naughty spring fever. Child is fine. Mother is crying. I signed up for the horses, not this nonsense. Ponies I AM BEGGING YOU JUST BEHAVE.
1:00 pm - oops, loose horse. Again, ponies please just quit the spring fever.
3:00 pm - hi moose. Oh wait, GO HOME YOU NAUGHTY DOG.
5:00 pm - all horses are fed. There are other people here... OMG I'm leaving before 7!!!
Then it's just dogs, hedgies, goats, and chicken time! Uneventful, thank goodness!
Some other highlights: being stepped on by a horse. Shoveling 36 horses worth of poop. Getting bitten by a grumpy mama hedgie. Losing a boot in the mud, falling in the mud gettin it out. Riding two lovely horses. Lunging one very naughty horse. Hearing my horse, Zeus, call to me down the aisle. Watching the sunset while watching a 30 year old shire horse I've know since I was born graze on my lawn. See the first signs of spring on my hike with Paz.
Life is such a blessing!
"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."
-Dalai Lama
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened."
-Anatole France
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AWESOME!!! those sound like wonderful adventures!

March 30, 2014
Dear Pet Journal,
Not much to report today. All is well.
Willow tried to open the front door. It was kinda weird. she was not successful in her endeavor.
But something cool did happen today.
Snuggle Sacks!!!!

(this little journal spot is for everyone! what pet adventures did you have today?)
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April 1, 2014
Dear Pet Journal,
I canít seem to go but just a couple days or so without something going on.
This morning I went in to feed the hedgies before work, clean out yesterdays food, put in todays food, and I found Beauregard sitting on his wheel.
Beau? Wheel? 6am? Something is not quite right. And so I picked the spikey little bugger up and after about 3 minutes of coaxing managed to find that his tiny foot was not only covered in poo, which is normal, but also had little fleece bits and some of my hair on it.
I couldnít find anything else wrong. I looked and looked, and he poked and poked. Beau, for all he is my favorite, is also our pokiest hedgie. Longest quills and mostÖ errÖ shy? Personality.
So I pulled the funkiness off his foot, put him back in his cage and watched for a minute. Seems that was the problem. He toddled into his igloo with an attitude like, ďtook you long enoughĒ. And settled in for his days sleep.
Lint and a piece of hair. Really? But I have long pretty long hair, and it was definitely mine. Dangit! At least it wasnít wrapped around his foot, just caught in his toes.
And tonight Sebastian looked like she needed extra love when I was checking on everyone post work. She just had this sad look on her face. I picked her up, looked her over and everything *looks* ok.
But she hasnít been eating much. In fact, she hasnít been eating much at all. She has lost a little weight since we separated the babes and Iím starting to get concerned.
Right now she is eating a mix of BB kitten food and BB weight loss formula. We are in the process of switching to the weight loss formula because since she isnít eating for 5 anymore I figure she doesnít need all the extra fat from the kitten blend.
I have been looking at other foods to mix up, but she seems rather finicky. She doesnít go for treats much, or maybe I just havenít found the right one. She will only eat one mealworm at a time. Two tops.
The babes are all eating the new blend with no issues. They, in fact, seem to enjoy it. But Sebastian isnít even eating her wet food at night. She loves the blue wilderness wet cat food and nowÖ it is untouched the past 3-4 mornings.
Maybe she misses her babes?
Tonight at bonding time Iíll have a scrambled egg ready and try that. All I have for fruit right now are oranges and kiwis and grapes and those wonít fly. I wonder if I have an apple stashed somewhere?
I need to find something to tempt her. I guess for now put more of the kitten type into her personal blend until she eats again.
The other babes all seem fine. No hairs, food appropriately eaten, no fleece fibers, lots of poo everywhere. And quills. Quills everywhere. How many depend on the babe but all of them are dropping quills.
Now I have to worry about quill in the eye.
Dangit! And I donít even have a picture today!

(this little journal spot is for everyone! what pet adventures did you have today?)
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April 1 2014
~ addendum
Scrambled egg and apple a no go. in fact not a one of the kids touched them except Tiberius nibbled a piece of apple and promptly spit it out.
Sebastian did have 3 mealworms though. Everyone else got 2.
I'm adding more straight kitten food to her blend before bed and hope she eats overnight.
Foot baths were a success though and everyone has pink feet again! yea!
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April 2, 2014

Dear Pet Journal,
4 pieces of kitten kibble and 3 meal worms. Iíll take it!
And playtimes!
Gayle 1

Gayle 2

And of course both the girls were out so here is Sebastian! Unfortunately both in the snuggle sack was a level of cuteness unable to be captured on cameraÖ

And Tiberius showed us his grumpy face:

Gabriel totally made up for itÖ

But for all Tiberius thought he had a grumpy face he has NOTHING on Beauregard, who was quite like this most of his bonding time:


But finally, at the end of his playtime, he was more like thisÖ:

Whew! My hands still hurt!
Love them all <3

(this little journal spot is for everyone! what pet adventures did you have today?)
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April 2, 2014

So a few weeks ago, I made a little hanging house for my hamster, Captain.

He loved it! He climbs in and out and hides his food up there and everything.

Then this morning I got up to feed him before work and discovered he had chewed a hole in the top to help him climb up on top of it! If he starts gnawing on the straps he'll have to wait a few more weeks for me to make him a new one, naughty hammy!

Pic BEFORE he remodeled is attached.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 100_2245.jpg (117.4 KB, 37 views)
Check out my etsy shop for small animal cozy items!

Use code SUMMER10 to get 10% off until July 12th!

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