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Poppy_the_hedgie 03-04-2017 01:05 AM

Bonding/playtime in the cold
So it's been pretty cold here where I live. I let Poppy in her playpen when my house heater is kicked in and when the room temp is too cold I just hold her in a blanket or cozy sack. Does this still count as good bonding time? Even if she isn't active? I want to keep her warm.

Chai 03-04-2017 04:57 AM

I'm in the UK and I live in a tenement flat which is quite difficult to heat. I'm using the same 'bonding' solution you are; when it's playtime her pen is beside the radiator and the heating is turned on an hour or so before we bring her out. She doesn't seem interested just now in exploring much, but she's only been here for a week and is only a babyhog still.

When she starts doing nothing we let her rummage inside our dressing gowns and watch TV with her. We've usually 'hand fed' her some bugs while she's been in her playpen and if she still has more to have we'll interrupt her digging to offer her some more.

We have her against our clothes/scent during bonding and remove her from her vivarium and all of its familiar smells. We use a blanket to protect our clothes though she usually does the toilet while in her playpen so we wait until after then to handle her.

Lilysmommy 03-04-2017 10:41 AM

That's still perfectly fine for bonding time. :) Bindi refuses to do anything but sleep on me when I get her out, always has. She gets stressed if I try to insist on having her out & she'll look for anywhere to burrow. Our bonding times always consist of her perching on my shoulder to hide in my hair or going into a bag/blanket to sleep.

ArizonaHazelnut 03-06-2017 11:55 AM

My Hazel is the same...she doesn't want to do anything but burrow in my shirt or her snuggle bag while she's out. She's not really an explorer, so, snuggle time my lap it is! :D

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