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CrysAnner 04-30-2016 12:09 PM

A big misunderstood puff.
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I gotta share the story cause it has been getting better!
I got my hedgie from a petland in Calgary, not the best place to go but I keep falling in love! Was back in the beginning of January, there was another lovely large lump of a girl with tan coloring there that i couldn't help but notice as well. I continued going back and visiting this pudge ball whenever i needed fish supplies or food for STELLAA! and she kept seeming to be declining in health and care being provided for her, her nails were always long and caked in poop, consistantly gaining weight and worst of all still not adopted, its been 5 months and she is still there. After talking to a few of the managers about her situation it turns out shes the resident grump of the store and was a biter so noone wanted her. Along with that she kept getting pregnant so she stayed in the store. I was about ready to take her home by any means necessary. I felt so bad for her as she was such a sweet heart whenever i would pick her up, never got bit, not even huffed at. So it made no sense to me, sadly there was no feesable way for me to take her home as i live in an apartment. So again i spoke with the manager as to what may happen to the long time resident that stole my heart. They have a 100% adoption policy so that made me feel better no euthanasia. She is still at the store, I visited on the 28th, and shes looking so much better slimmed down quite well, clean trim nails and much more lively and willing to be held. :) and you can bet I will be bisiting her right up until shes adopted or until i can adopt her myself! So if anyone here lives in Calgary, Alberta check out the Shawnessy petland and take this sweet girl home! Thats my story thanls for reading!

Lilysmommy 04-30-2016 01:15 PM

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Unfortunately encouraging people to buy from pet stores is really not helpful at all. It may save the one hedgehog, but it encourages the store to stock more and more hedgehogs because they sell. The fact that she kept getting pregnant sends up my red flags as well - I wouldn't encourage anyone to buy a hedgehog from a pet store that doesn't bother to separate by sex & avoid pregnancies. Not to mention whoever takes her home (or any other female from the store) runs the risk of getting a surprise litter and all of the headaches & worry that comes with that.

I understand the concern over individual animals. It's hard to leave them there & to not want to help them. But you're really not doing anything useful at all in the long run by supporting pet stores that put animals in these situations, you're only contributing to the problem.

CrysAnner 04-30-2016 01:36 PM

Understood. Though i was more hoping/hinting to catch the attention of a rescue but i suppose that would still add to the issue of having to restock. What a painfully vicious cycle petstores have..

Artemis-Ichiro 04-30-2016 04:56 PM

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I visited a little pet shop when looking for a Che and they told me they used to carry hedgehogs, I asked why they stopped and I was told because the last one they had stayed there for a year and that way it was not profitable.

Unfortunately, it's better that few suffer in a pet store and not get adopted for them to stop all together and then no more suffering for the kind.

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