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Lilysmommy 01-09-2016 02:35 AM

The Potato Princess & Her Siblings
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So I thought I'd start a thread for sharing pics & stories of Bindi. And because I take as many pics (more, to be honest, since Bindi spends most of our social time sleeping) of the snake & crabs, I'd like to share pics of them here too, if no one minds! I just like showing off my babies. :lol:

Pictures of the Potato Princess first, of course!

I got a fantastic selfie with her a while ago. I can't remember if I posted it here, but I don't think I did.

Got these very cute pics of her a couple nights ago before I put her away for the night.


And I swear, she doesn't know she's a hedgehog. She's so SNUGGLY! I meant to put her away to go to bed...and instead I laid down with her on my chest and she immediately crawled up to my neck and snuggled in. So of course it was 15 more minutes before I actually put her away. :lol:

Next up is the crabs. Here's a picture of their new tank set up!

I love it so far. Easy to get the water dishes out, they have a ton of shells available, they can go from one end of the tank to the other without touching the ground if they don't want. Lots of cover too, but still a few places of clear sub where they can dig down. Here's hoping they'll soon forgive me for putting them in prison while I did this and actually come out to enjoy this! :roll: Sam and Pippin are the only ones I've seen all week any time I've checked the tank.

This is Pippin hanging out in the DIY mangrove tree I made. First time I've caught someone in it, so I was really excited! Not a very close picture, but I couldn't get closer without the flash reflecting off the glass to hide the whole picture.

And here's my pretty girl, Sam, hanging out on the mopani log. She just moved into this shell since I rearranged the tank, it's one of the new ones I put in. She was super excited about all of the new choices!

And finally, Charis, our ball python. I have a bunch of pictures of her because she's just so photogenic! Her social time is mostly spent with her exploring & checking things out, so I also have more opportunities to get pictures in the first place. She's been out every day this week since Tuesday (she ate Saturday, so no handling Sun or Mon) and has done awesome. She's just such a calm, sweet snake. She really seems to enjoy coming out & checking things out. And I love it because a) I get to interact with her and b) it's super easy enrichment!

Here's my snake selfie to match my Bindi one. :D Took this a few days ago when I first got her out.

The same night I handed her off to the roommate after a while and she ended up like this for a short bit before it was exploration time again.

Not a great picture at all, my roommate was too far away from us (didn't move closer to avoid scaring Charis back) and I had to crop it. But she spent last night's social time exploring our chair & had a great time. Here she is peeking out around the arm.

She also curled up under & behind one of the pillows for a bit. She matches the chair color so well. How fashionable! :lol:

Tonight's social time was great for me. She was in her hot spot warming up when I went to get her out. She decided I was an acceptable replacement & was content for once to snuggle up in my hoodie and stay put for the most part. I got these adorable pictures of her peeking out of my sleeve!



I got so lucky with both of my "big" girls (big compared to the crabs :lol:). They're both huge sweethearts!! So calm & good-natured, especially compared to usual behavior shown by both of their species.

FinnickHog 01-09-2016 09:08 AM

Oh my goodness Bindi is so cute! I can't believe how snuggly she is! Her poor eye looks a little goopy in the first picture. I hope she's all better soon!

The crab enclosure looks fantastic. The mangrove you made is so cool! Hopefully everyone else resurfaces soon. And Sam's new shell is super pretty. I'm guessing the racing stripe down the middle makes it go faster :grin:. I haven't caught my smaller crab in the front of the tank yet, so I don't have a picture, but he picked one of the thick black and white shells you gave them.

Charis is such a sweetie. Most ball pythons are pretty laid back, but the fact that she chooses to hang out with you is awesome. I have to scoop Illidan when I want him. He'd rather climb out of his enclosure himself and go for a stroll. I love sleevesnake! It's the best kind of snake. You know where they are, they're warm, they're comfy, they can't get into trouble. And it's super cute. Perfect. Her head is so little compared to Illidan's. One day his head just wasn't baby sized anymore. I'm not sure what happened :lol:. Do you know how old Charis is? She's such a big girl with such a little head!

Lilysmommy 01-09-2016 10:23 AM

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Me too. :( I still feel like she's a little snufflier than I'd like...I'm switching to fleece today to see if it helps at all. I've been getting teeny splinters from the Reptibark when I put a hand down and lean in to grab things, so it's made me a bit paranoid! So we're going to see how fleece works for now until I have time & money to finish plans for a bioactive set up & see how it works.

And thanks! :D I keep meaning to make it a little more open one of these times when I'm redecorating, but I always have too many things I want to cram in. :lol: Seems to work out well though! And yes, the racing stripe totally lets her zoom around, heh. I'm so glad your crabs are enjoying the shell selection!

I still have to scoop Charis out, though I've thought about leaving the lid open to see if she'll come out on her own. But the lid isn't lockable or anything and I'm paranoid that if she gets in the habit of "hey neat, I can CHOOSE to get out that way?", I'll forget to put the heavy box back on top one night & she'll get out. Her enclosure has to be snake-proof since Bindi's isn't!! Totally not trying out that animal meeting.

But once I have her upgraded enclosure that actually has lockable doors, we'll try that out & see how much chooses to come out & explore. She does seem to enjoy it, but it's so hard to tell! I mostly go off the fact that she's not showing any distress or panicky movements or acting super defensive or nervous while exploring & does want to explore & smell things. She does seem to like hanging out on us though, until she finds something more interesting...like underneath the couch or behind bookshelves. :lol:

Yeah, I have no clue about her head! She's 8 years old, so she's fully grown. But her head does seem really small compared to the rest of her. It's what made me panic over whether she could actually eat the rat the first time I fed her. :lol: I know they unhinge their jaw, they can stretch really wide, etc. etc., but none of that helped my first-time snake mom jitters.

FinnickHog 01-09-2016 10:34 AM

Well I'll be sending good vibes her way until she's all better! That's too bad about the reptibark, I haven't been getting those at all. But I do know what you mean. I get them off of some of the brands of reptile and amphibian soil and they are AWFUL.

Yeah you may want to wait on teaching Charis how to escape :lol:. Definitely don't want a surprise introduction to Bindi to occur.

You really can tell the difference with whether they like it or not. I find if they're not just looking for warm dark places, or they are, but then they stick their head out, they're enjoying it in at least some sense of the word. When I let my skink go, she dives for the nearest dark place and vanishes. One time she couldn't find anything so she "hid" behind the 1" wide leg of a stool. She clearly prefers to be held or in my clothing.

Wow, Charis is a bit older than Illidan then. I guess she just has a cute little head :lol:.

Lilysmommy 01-09-2016 11:20 AM

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Thank you!! I'm debating whether to call the vet this morning & let them know my concerns or wait until I've switched to fleece and see if it helps at all. I gave her less Wellness meat last night hoping she might eat more of her kibble, but I'm not sure she really did. I need to get it out & measure, but there's still a lot left...

I agree, I really do think she's enjoying it or finds it to be interesting. I was a little worried at first that maybe I would miss some small body language or signals of distress since I'm so new to snakes & reptiles in general, but nothing she does gives off any warning signals to me. She'll jump a little if one of us grabs her to move her if she's not expecting it, but that seems pretty justified. :lol: She doesn't really freak out or get super defensive or upset about it.

Maybe her head is similar to how my cocker spaniel kept her blunt little puppy nose for her whole life? :lol: It was really cute!

Side story - after I posted about Charis biting me on my family Facebook, apparently I freaked several family members out despite my assurances that it honestly was not bad at all, it was my fault, she wasn't aggressive, etc. etc. I've had at least three family members plus my partner keep telling me to be careful, especially with the snake selfie picture. So I finally got annoyed and posted a status pointing out that Bindi's bitten me 5-6 times more than Charis, it hurts more, and she's way more likely to bite me in general than the snake! :lol: Might as well tell me to be careful holding the hedgehog, people! But my snake is not a threat to me, so please stop acting like she's a monster, seriously. Bites happen, it healed in less than a day, and she's still a perfect angel. Though I did also mention that so far no one has told me that my baby is gross, ugly, or creepy, and no one's made comments about how they would hurt or kill her if she was near them, so that's appreciated, at least. I've heard too many stories from snake/reptile owners who have friends & family members think it's okay to say that to them. :( I think everyone on there knows me well enough to know that Charis is also my baby and I would NOT take that well.

twobytwopets 01-09-2016 11:36 AM

Omg Kelsey, be careful of hedgie bites, and snake bites, and hermit bites, and mosquito bites, and bee stings, and clowns, and door to door salesmen. I think I covered all major threats in your area.
Common sense says if something bites you over and over, keep it away from things you really don't want bitten. I'm sure that if Charis was biting you everytime you had her out, you would keep her away from your face. It's not like she is a copperhead!

FinnickHog 01-09-2016 11:53 AM

Aww your puppy dog sounds like she was adorable!

Ugh, people drive me nuts sometimes. Yes, snake bites can be really awful, but all the commonly kept ones (balls, corns, other small colubrids...) wouldn't be commonly kept if they were dangerous, or even if they hurt all that bad. Hedgehog bites are way worse in comparison. Those little demon teeth are scary. Worse than that is when I upset my parrot. Now THAT hurts! And sometimes she prefers to not let go. My last parrot (only 5 inches tall) punctured my finger to the bone once and then chewed. I know some reptile people who keep massive monitor lizards but won't go near parrots because they're scary :lol:. I don't plan to experience my green tree python's bite. I got to see those teeth when I was force feeding him, and yikes. No thanks. But with my other two snakes, I let them lick my nose and wrap around my face, so that tells you how afraid of their bites I am. My family has just given up warning me, and instead has decided to come watch me feed them.

I'm glad everyone has at least been polite about Charis. Telling you your snake is disgusting is practically the same as telling you your human baby is disgusting. It's just not nice. And those weirdos that need to share the fact that they would kill your pet if it came near them... They worry me. Do they not see that you care for it, and does that not have any weight at all in their minds? When my boyfriend rescued Shaw the Salamander from the pipe plant (he's named after the company) where he works, one of the female employees threatened to stomp on it. She then discussed in great detail how she would like to cut it into small pieces so it didn't look so gross anymore. She's also threatened to hurt ... well, most of my "creepier" pets. So she's never welcome anywhere near me. I'm one of those people who catches and releases tiny spiders in the house though. Or I just say hi and then ignore them :lol:. That drives my arachnophobic other half nuts.

twobytwopets 01-09-2016 12:10 PM

Was the last bird a parrotlet?

FinnickHog 01-09-2016 01:13 PM

He was a little rose crowned conure. He was a rescue, I believe an illegal import, and he was a mess. I only had him 4 years before he passed away from who knows what. Avian medicine and diagnostics have a long way to go. Screaming, biting, feather plucking and mutilation, you name it, he did it. One time he seemingly intentionally snapped a blood feather during rush hour and the vet was an hour away in normal traffic. I loved him to bits, but wow he was a butt. Here's a video of him playing basketball while he was an absolute mess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE-2TvgzBCk. He got better gradually, and then when I thought we were through the worst, he passed while I was right beside him. Once second he was fine, and the next he wasn't.

Though I was in contact with a breeder regarding a parrotlet before I decided to rescue. I hear they latch on pretty good.

twobytwopets 01-09-2016 01:19 PM

When we raised birds we had from parrotlet up to umbrellas.
One of my African greys broke my husbands knuckle. He still says he will take 5 bites from a grey over one bite from a parrotlet. They are demon birds!

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