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Default Re: Eastern States Hedgehog Show - June 28-30, 2013

I have not been to one of the Eastern State's Shows, but I have been to many others. I do know the people who are hosting it, and have met them at other hedgehog shows. From what they have on the agenda this will be a fun show.

Both big and small shows are always a lot of fun. You will be surrounded by other hedgehog people from across the country, who won't look at you funny if all you do is talk about hedgehogs. Something that isn't easy to do anywhere else.

This particular show is a 3 day event, it has fun events, 2 confirmation events and educational speakers. Shows are a great way to learn. With all the years I have been in this community and have had hedgehogs, I still learn something new each and every time I attend a show. Sometimes its just seeing a new product someone is using, sometimes its a new handling trick, etc. Another fun thing is these shows have vendors and you can pick up some cool hedgehog related items from them.

If you were to attend only one day of it, I would recommend Saturday (as do the hosts). Don't hesitate to go and sign up for the events.

If you have more questions about what shows, in general, are like or about participating, ask.

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