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Default Re: Tooth abscess, ten teeth pulled, what's causing this?

Are you feeding a lot of soft food? Such as baby foods? I've seen a lot of references that soft foods expose teeth to more risk of bad teeth than hedgies that eat a lot of kibble.

I'm not really comfortable with feeding Sophie soft foods for that reason. I find that I have to feed baby foods with her, because we have had to deal with diet issues to keep her weight up. She mostly gets kibble, but is getting a dollop (as little as I can get away with) every day.

Will she have tooth problems later? I don't know. But I'm making the best choices that I can now.

I have inquired here before about care of teeth, whether vet 'cleanings' are possible or desirable and on what schedule - but have never gotten much of an answer there. Her mouth is off limits to me, so a vet would be my only option. The vet here is very nice, but not really knowledgeable. It's a very long trip to a vet that knows hedgies and they won't talk to me at all if they aren't getting paid. No free advice.

Best practices for tooth care? I still really have not a clue. It seems to be something that few people know very much about.

With that many lost teeth, soft food may be, or become a requirement for your situation. You can't help that, and hedgies that lose a lot of teeth typically do well so long as diseased teeth or removed and they are generally healthy.
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