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Northern Plains Hedgehogs posted this petition on Facebook. Everyone here should sign it!!

http://www.change.org/petitions/united- ... ct-2#share

All animals deemed not to be "domesticated enough" will be banned and any animal currently within the United States that falls under this category will be "disposed of". If your pet is not on the following list, they will be considered "unaccepted species":
- cat
- cattle/oxen
- chicken
- common canary
- dog
- donkey/ass
- geese
- duck
- ferret
- gerbil
- goat
- guinea pig
- goldfish
- hamsters
- horse
- llama
- mule/hinny
- pig/hog
- rabbit
- sheep

So any reptile or amphibian, arachnids and other insects, hermit crabs, any bird other than the common canary, any fish other than the goldfish, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, chinchillas, degus, rats/mice, and other common pets that are not listed above will be banned and killed. Note that many of these animals are currently available at national pet store chains (such as Petco and Petsmart), as well as through local pet stores and breeders.
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