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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

Thanks guys.

I was mixing two types of hedgehog food and giving him a bit of high quality wet cat food every other day. On the other days he would get a few mealworms. He was a skinny guy and never seemed to finish all of his dry food, but I think his diet was okay. I picked brands that were suggested on here, made for african hedgies--not european.

As for the heating, my room was kept at ~72 and he had his own pad in his cage, which I thought was good enough. I'll look into other options though.

I'll certianly research and grieve more before getting another one. I just spent so much time with him in my room, that it feels weird and lonely not being together. We snuggled so much together everyday.

My bf doesn't want me to get another and neither do my parents, mainly because I am so upset. So, my bf wants me to look into prarie dogs instead.
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