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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

I'm sorry to hear you lost your little one That is always difficult to deal with for everyone. I would suggest not rushing to get another one, but take some time to grieve and save up some money and do your research to provide the best possible of everything for the next hedgie.

Its hard to say why you lost your hedgehog, but that is much younger than normal. Blaming yourself isn't going to do any good at this point, just spend time learning about all the special care and requirements they need so you are ready for the next one and so you might be able to help others that might be making the same mistakes.

Here is an excellent starting point, it was written by Lizardgirl on this forum and you can download it for free:
http://www.westcoasthedgehogs.com/files ... index.html

Heating and light are very important. They need to have some sort of heat set up and kept at a constant temp of 73-78, also being careful that their aren't drafts coming through the cage. They also need to have consistent light during the day time, and in the winter months just the outside daylight isn't enough. Here is the best info I found for setting up the heat:

Many new owners make the mistake of feeding the wrong food, here is where you can find a list of appropriate foods:
Also, there are foods, treats, and things that are toxic and dangerous, you can find that info on this forum too.

Please do lots of research first and be very prepared before getting another one, there is no need to rush out and get him.
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