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Default Hedgehog Died, Want Another

My hedgehog died on Tuesday. He had been acting grumpy since Sunday (basically not unrolling as fast) and I didn't realize he was sick until I took him out the snuggle on Tuesday in the early afternoon and he couldn't ball up or walk right. He was a bit cold so I tried to warm him, but by the time I realized it wasn't helping I couldn't get him to the vet in time (he died within 10 minutes of it and I could tell it was the end so I just held him). He wasn't even able to eat at that point his tongue seemed to not be able to come out. He had eatten the night before (I always fed him at night) and his water and heating pad were working fine, so I'm not sure what happened. He seemed to be somewhat peaceful as he went, but I'm still really sad.

I took his stuff out of my room (and buried some of his stuff with him-toys, snuggle pouch, ect) but I miss him a lot and am thinking getting another might make me feel better. We used to snuggle at night and I'm finding it hard to sleep without hearing him chirp and play.

He was only 10 months old, I got him when he was 3 months, since he died so young I'm scared it was my fault.

I'm trying to find some advice as to whether it is a good idea to get another.
I had given him a personality of being a little jealous so I know he'd not like me getting another one, but I miss him so much.
By me there is only a pet store, not breeders, but I would consider one, since I want a friendly guy and the pet store didn't seem to play with them much.

Also how long do they usually live? I read somewhere 5 years, which is what I had expected to have had with my little man. I spoiled him to make sure he was healther and happy.
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