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Arrow Was 'this' boytime?

I will keep this as discreet as possible... but there'll be some TMI.

So I keep reading on the forum about "boy time". Pinball is a little over 2 months old, never to my knowledge have I witnessed any "boy time". Tonight while feeding him some boiled egg, he munched a bit, I talked to him and rubbed his belly on the sides, he just kind of sat there looking around. And out of the sudden arched his back (kind of like a cat, back being an upside down "U"), he made some jerky moves arching his back a few times. First I thought he was going to maybe throw up the egg but then I noticed... sorry the TMI here... his peewee moving way up towards his neck He made a few more jerky moves and it was not a "bellybutton" anymore, it looked like a regular penis And then after a few seconds it went to orginal "bellybutton" form. Uh-hum... but no mess, no nothing, so I'm just wondering... My question is: Was this the infamous "boy time"?

Again, sorry for TMI, I tried to keep it as discreet as I can...

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