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Default Re: My turn for cage heating help?

Ok, the 10" lamp, with the flatter style, arrived today and I got it hooked up right away. I can already tell it's working better because within about 20 minutes, it was 2 degrees warmer on the outer edge of the cage than it was in the rest of my home. It's 70 in my house and the temp in there is 73 and rising. I also got a zoo med digital thermometer since the one I was using was my digital kitchen thermometer. Thanks again for your help. I think this forum is really useful, but definitely only if I double check on my own end! I thought the lamp I had WAS a 10". :P Oh well, now I just need to figure out what I want to do with this other lamp. Ordering from Amazon is way cheaper than the pet shop but not easy for returns. haha!
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