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Arrow My turn for cage heating help?

Hi, Everyone! So, I'm brand new to the forums. My baby hedgie hasn't joined our family yet. I cannot wait to bring him or her home. The litter is only a few weeks old right now. I'm trying to get everything all set before we bring the hoglet home. I have a 2 by 3 C&C cage and I got a 150 watt CHE for it. We usually keep our house around 69 degrees (f). The problem is that the CHE is only heating a portion of the enclosure. Using a digital thermometer I found that: the section it's over gets to about 82, while inside the igloo is about 72 and further out to the wheel and the food dishes is only 70-71. I can turn the heat up in my house a couple of degrees, but I just don't see getting the enclosure to a cozy 75 all over. Any thoughts on how to get that heat circulating? Should I maybe make a 'skirt' to go around the outside to help hold some heat in?

Or maybe the dome on the lamp is too narrow?

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