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Default Re: please read this

Originally Posted by jabment
Originally Posted by HedgeMom
Which is why I didn't post this in "Memorial" but as a rebuttal in "General Questions". This is an appropriate forum for this.
There is no need for a rebuttal. They weren't arguing for anything at all. Simply sharing an experience. That is fantastic you have housed females together without a negative consequence but this unfortunate situation is just proof that that doesn't work all the time with all girls. Acting superior because it works for you is unnecessary at this time. I understand that you didn't post it in the memorial but that doesn't make it helpful at all.

I think that posting a warning is fair just because it cautions people to realize that housing two together will not always work. And how do you know that they are inexperienced or didn't provide hiding places? I'm sorry but I see you often go out and attack people on here and all but call them incompetent and I just couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore. I just feel that your response was rude and unnecessary.

HedgieIsabella, I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive Kaila, I doubt it was something she did against you.
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