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Default Re: Slightly Cool Belly

thanks for the quick reply, Kelsey!

her lighting schedule is the same, no matter when snuggle time is. I have a handy dandy timer that the light is plugged into.

I'll bump up the cage temp, and turn the space heater up degree or two. Honestly, I've always tried to err on the side of warmer than the suggested temps, just because my room can be a bit chilly. I've invested in a new space heater that you can set the specific temp on, and not just low, high, etc. Since day 1 I've also had fleece draped over 3 of the 4 sides of her cage, just to make sure no drafts get in. Here's a pic of her cage (pic's a bit old, she has a CSW now) and i normally have fleece blankets draped over the front and sides, leaving the back open.

It also doesn't help that she really isn't where she should be weight wise. I've ordered a special mix from Moxieberry that will hopefully help. She doesn't lose weight, she just maintains and gains slowly.

She's absolutely hating this snuggle time Good sign that she is warmed up now is that she is repositioning herself every 10 minutes or so trying to get comfy. When I first started snuggling her this morning she just stayed right where I put her.

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