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Default Re: Hedgehog has green poop and green pee!!! URGENT

I'm not sure if the liver problems would cause the green poop - that may be unrelated, or caused by the stress of illness. If the poop started after the first vet visit and the start of antibiotics for a UTI, then I would guess the antibiotics caused the green poop, since it kills the good bacteria in their gut too, and upsets the GI tract.

I don't know all the kinds of liver problems that can cause green pee - just that green pee is a sign of liver problems in general. I found my thread, and my vet said that green urine was a sign of dead blood cells in the urine. The medication we started her on was called Denosyl, and it was supposed to help with reproducing liver cells. She was getting 0.4 mL once a day.

Definitely make sure she's getting enough food into her - not eating can stress the liver too, and it sounds like there's already issues there, so you don't want any more stress on it. Get to the vet again and see if you can get bloodwork done, and see if the vet has ideas for any other tests. Good luck and keep us updated!
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