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Default Re: Hedgehog has green poop and green pee!!! URGENT

Did they do any testing before prescribing meds? What were the results, if so? Are you 100% sure the pee is green, or is it tinged from contact with poop (a lot of hedgies poop & pee at the same time, or in the same area)? Lily had green urine and the vet said that it was green from dead cells - and I was told either from him or people on here that green urine is often a sign of liver issues. I would take her back and have bloodwork done to see if her liver is normal or having issues. I'll have to check my thread to see what Lily was prescribed for her liver issues - they didn't help her specifically, but that was because her liver was mostly covered in tumors.

How is she doing besides the poop/pee issues? Is she eating and drinking well on her own? Is her activity normal or less/more?
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