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Default Re: Treat List (Safe Fruits and Veggies)

Originally Posted by Vivalahedgielution
Well, as many others, my hedgie is picky. Doesn't really like carrots... barely tolerates a bite. Doesn't like green lettuce. Doesn't like asparagus. Seems to like bananas ok. Will try apple tomorrow.
Cant really help you there with the fiber...Fiona has NO trouble going. trust me butttt, if your hedgie likes bananas (and apples) gerber makes a banana apple baby food. Fiona doesnt really take well to fresh veggies/fruits, but I really wanted to incorporate them into her food. Well, she LOVES the gerber stuff haha its real cheap and can be frozen to save for later. she was stubborn at first so i rubbed a little on her mouth so she'd lick it off. now she cant get enough. just a suggestion good luck with the "concentrated" pooping lol

Rest easy little girl, may you finally be at peace <3
Mommy will always love you sweetie
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