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Default Re: Treat List (Safe Fruits and Veggies)

Well, as many others, my hedgie is picky. Doesn't really like carrots... barely tolerates a bite. Doesn't like green lettuce. Doesn't like asparagus. Seems to like bananas ok. Will try apple tomorrow.

I am trying to increase the fiber in his diet a bit. I can't tell if he is straining to poop because he does get it out in a quick fashion and it isn't too strange of a color and consistency is what I assume to be more or less normal. How can I tell? He looks... concentrated? But He doesn't seem to be in pain, just like he is really pushing. The really hard push leads me to believe he might need a little more fiber.

His current kibble is at 7-8% fiber and I give him mealies regularly. (Maybe too many?). Should I keep encouraging veggies to see if he'll eat them for added fiber? How do I tell if he is constipated? How much fiber is too much? I'd assume his stools would be runny if I was giving him too much.

Also, if I am just giving him mealies as treats (primarily) and supplementing with fruits and veggies on a regular to daily basis, how many mealies is too many to give? right now I give him about 3 a day :S. Maybe this is too many? I'm never sure with this whole fat vs. fiber vs. protein vs. phosphorus vs. whatever else food stuff. haha I just want to be sure that he is getting all he needs but not too much.
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